Amsterdam-based Fintech BUX, a retail brokerage firm, to introduce “soft launch” version of its crypto exchange next month

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Amsterdam-headquartered BUX, a retail brokerage company, confirmed recently that it will be introducing the “soft launch” version of its cryptocurrency trading platform during the first week of next month. However, the Dutch Fintech firm says it’s not aiming for fast customer acquisition.

Called “BUX Crypto,” the firm’s branded digital asset investment app will start onboarding early software testers so that they can determine whether BUX’s new platform is working properly.

BUX Crypto has reportedly moved into its production stage after undergoing testing. The trading platform’s “soft launch” version has cleared several preliminary tests that checked for potential issues with the exchange’s user interface, its order book, and data management.

Last month, BUX acquired Blockport, a Europe-based social digital currency investment platform, in order to further expand its product offerings. The Blockport company name will now be rebranded to BUX Crypto. The new entity will register with the Dutch Central Bank as an authorized virtual currency services provider under the official BUX company brand.

According to a press release, the new crypto-related service will be offered in the nine European nations in which Bux currently operates. Customers will have the option to trade with several major crypto-assets including Bitcoin (BTC), Ether (ETH), and XRP. The firm will be expanding its development team in order to support their growth and development as they begin to introduce their product offerings across Europe.

As mentioned in the firm’s roadmap:

“We have decided to initially start with supporting a selection of six cryptocurrency assets so that our team can focus on preparing the platform for more liquid assets in the future. Our aim is to list new cryptocurrency assets throughout the coming year and include the community in the decision-making process for what assets to list on the platform.”

Established in Amsterdam in 2014 by Nick Bortot, BUX provides a commission-free investing platform that allows traders to make strategic investments in various brands and products through its app.