About Kreos Capital

Kreos was founded more than 22 years ago with the single mission of pioneering unique financing solutions for high-growth companies across Europe and Israel. Since then, Kreos has committed more than €2.6 billion in over 630 portfolio company transactions, in a variety of industry sectors and located in 17 countries.

Kreos has been a success because, unlike traditional lenders, Kreos understands the needs of high-growth companies and the unique challenges that they face as global competitors. We have worked with companies at all stages of development offering everything from operational runway extensions through acquisition financing. The common threads of our approach include operational flexibility, patience and commitment to creating value.
Kreos takes both a credit and an equity view on each financing situation, offering quick feedback on any deal proposal – investing without the need for board seats, time-consuming audits, share revaluation, substantial equity dilution, deposits or personal guarantees.

The Kreos team has the experience to understand what companies across all stages require, and is able to provide debt funding facilities that meet the real-world demands of growing businesses and equity sponsors and investors.

  • Since 1998, the Kreos team has worked together to provide consistency, commitment and continuity for management teams and equity sponsors looking for a long-term partner

  • As the only European growth debt provider that has a history of working in all the most important geographies with the top equity sponsors across Western Europe, the Nordics and Israel, Kreos can offer both local support and a very extensive network of contacts

  • Kreos has successfully proven its model and the personal commitment of its team, through two full business cycles including the most recent credit crunch. Our track record in delivering results, for both equity sponsors and managers, is widely recognised throughout the industry

  • Kreos’s significant financial resources, reliability, flexibility, responsiveness and focus make it the partner of choice for investors, managers and equity sponsors alike.