Uberall Engage now available for grocery brands

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Uberall, Inc., the location marketing solution for businesses competing to attract and win local brick-and-mortar customers, today has launched Engage For Grocery, making its Engage product available to multi-location grocery brands and retailers in the U.S.

“Ready-to-buy consumers research online for nearby stores, go in-store to buy, and often leave a review about their experience,‚Äù said Uberall Co-Founder Josha Benner. ‚ÄúIn turn, those reviews influence the purchasing decisions of future customers. This makes it crucial for businesses to have a voice in those conversations, monitoring and responding to reviews and comments.”

Engage offers its users a number of useful features including:

  • Reputation monitoring: Easily monitor your online reputation across all platforms, including Google, Facebook, Yelp and many directories. Keep track of reviews and user-generated content for all your business locations. Understand perceptions of your brand so you can deliver the best experience possible at each location.
  • Reputation management: Proactively manage all your online customer feedback, both positive and negative. Respond to feedback and customer-generated content. Gain control of how reviews are managed across locations with multi-level platform management and workflows.
  • Social posting: Reach local customers directly with relevant news and offers across platforms, just at the right moment. Create personalized content for all or individual locations, allowing tailored brand communication at a local level. Publish location-specific photos, videos and links in real-time, then analyze customer engagement through views, clicks and comments.

“Uberall Engage increases in-store sales by improving the in-store customer experience based on your learnings from analyzing valuable customer reviews across all your locations and digital platforms,‚Äù Benner said. It allows its users to respond to customers across multiple platforms ‚Äì all from one inbox ‚Äì or post social content to specific locations and platforms.”