Totango and Jeanne Bliss partner to offer exclusive customer growth mastermind program

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Totango, Inc. the largest and fastest growing customer success platform, today announced that the company has partnered with renowned customer experience expert Jeanne Bliss to offer an exclusive Customer Growth Mastermind Program for Totango customers.

“As a company that is dedicated to empowering organizations to accelerate their customer-driven growth strategies and build customer-centric best practices, we are thrilled to offer our customers this unique opportunity to experience hands-on learning with the best in the business,” said Guy Nirpaz, Founder and CEO of Totango. “Jeanne’s proven track record of enabling leaders to transform their organizations to achieve customer-driven growth is truly remarkable. The best practices of Jeanne’s 5-Competencies for Customer-Driven Growth are already well embedded out-of-the-box into Totango’s platform enabling our customers to translate these core principles immediately into action across their organization.”

Known as the “Godmother of Customer Experience”, Bliss has been guiding executives in advancing their customer experience leadership skills and behaviors to earn Customer-Driven Growth for more than 35 years. Jeanne Bliss’ 5-Competencies for Customer-Driven Growth including honoring customers as assets, customer rooms, goal mapping, listening paths and revenue erosion early warning system have guided the transformations of both B2B and B2C businesses around the world. Through Totango’s exclusive partnership with Bliss, Totango customers will have the opportunity to work side-by-side with Bliss and other industry executives to learn how to customize and implement these 5-competencies for their business in order to elevate their business practices and earn customer-driven growth, while forging deep connections and advancing their own careers to the next level.

The principles of Bliss’ 5-competencies are embedded into Totango’s platform through SuccessBLOCs so Totango customers will be able to quickly put these leadership tools and approaches in place throughout their organization to ensure the fastest path to growth.  SuccessBLOCs, are a modular framework that enables teams across the business to engage proactively and precisely at every stage of the customer journey with the right data, metrics and customer interactions to deliver best-in-class customer experiences and business results.

“I am so honored to partner with Totango and look forward to working with their customers as they advance their journeys towards customer-driven growth on Totango’s platform,” Bliss said. “I look forward to guiding these executives as they transform their companies and develop deep and memorable relationships with their customers and employees.”