Sensible Medical sold Covid-19 patient monitoring systems to hospitals in Italy and United States

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One of the most pressing medical challenges brought on by the spread of the coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic is determining which patients need immediate care.

The most common way to monitor coronavirus patients is by using a CT scan to measure fluid levels in the lungs, but this method cannot offer constant status insights, according to Amir Ronen, co-founder and CEO of medtech company Sensible Medical Innovation Ltd., and chairman Abraham Ludomirski. The Israel-based company developed a radar system that can continuously monitor lung fluid levels offering real-time insights on any deterioration in the patient’s status.
Since most coronavirus patients exhibit no symptoms, identifying them is solely a matter of containing the spread of the disease, but when there is someone who has symptoms and their condition is deteriorating, it is vital to identify it in time to save their lives, Ronen and Ludomirski—who is also a founding partner at life sciences focused venture capital firm SCP Vitalife, one of Sensible Medical’s backers—told Calcalist in an interview.
The company’s system utilizes the same technology used to see through walls or debris in case of an earthquake, for example, in order to see through human tissue, Ronen said. “Unlike a CT scan, the radar can be used through clothes and for long periods of time,” he added.

According to Ronen, four hospitals in Italy already acquired the system that has undergone a speedy 24-hour regulatory approval procedure in the country. They will start using it in Italy next week, but in Israel it is going to take at least one more week, Ronen said. A U.S. hospital also bought 20 units, he added.

Founded in 2007 and based in Kfar Netter, a moshav in central Israel, Sensible Medical counts Boston Scientific Corp., Shanghai Longtech Precision Machinery Co. Ltd., and Israeli venture capital fund Genesis Partners among its backers.