Seilern Investment Management picks FINBOURNE for data services

By 12/04/2023August 8th, 2023No Comments

Investment management firm Seilern Investment Management has selected FINBOURNE Technology’s data stack to scale its investment operations, amid rapid growth.

The mandate is also part of Seilern Investment Management’s plan to move to a cloud-native platform to achieve optimal investment operational systems and reduced cost of ownership.

Seilern will utilise FINBOURNE’s LUSID platform as its data hub to store and analyse client and transactional information — moving from batched processes to receive daily-updated data to track investment and redemption trends of its growing client base.

The hub will give the company high levels of control, efficiency and confidence over investment data and processes, says FINBOURNE.

Seilern will be able to import and export data across the firm’s operational ecosystem, from its custodian and customer relation management, to external market data vendors.

LUSID’s bitemporal feature means Seilern can also access and rewind data across timelines to augment business intelligence, as well as investment workflows.

Commenting on the mandate, Stuart Gunderson, chief operating officer at Seilern, comments: “We are confident LUSID will deliver desired future-state infrastructure while reducing our total cost of ownership. In time, we look forward to expanding the scope to achieve additional efficiencies.”

Thomas McHugh, CEO and co-founder of FINBOURNE, adds: “We know there is a clear urgency to access clean, interoperable data, while lowering cost and risk. With our domain expertise and SaaS-native technology validated by clients globally, we are steadfast in our mission to empower firms with the confidence to innovate on their own terms and support future growth.”



Image Source: Sergey Nivens