Roli and FXpansion launch Cypher2 analogue-modelling softsynth

By 09/08/2018June 4th, 2021No Comments

Roli has announced Cypher2, the newest soft synth to be added to its lineup and the second from the FXpansion team, which was acquired back in 2016.

Cypher2 picks up from the original version from the DCAM: Synth Squad and the more recent Strobe2 (version 1 also coming from FXpansion’s original synth pack).

According to Roli, the product has been years in the making. It credits the FXpansion team for creating “the world’s most extensive library of MIDI Polyphonic Expression (MPE) compatible sounds.”

Sticking to the analogue-modelling synth framework, Cypher2 prides itself on its easy-to-navigate interface, TransMod modulation system, dynamic oscillators and filters, a state-of-the-art step sequencer and 30 effect modules.

It’ll be no surprise that Cypher2 is fully compatible with MPE-enabled devices, as well as standard MIDI controllers.

Cypher2 is VST, AU and AAX compatible, will work standalone and is available for $199/£159/€179 on the FXpansion website.

Existing owners of DCAM Synth Squad, Strobe2, a Roli Seaboard or Blocks can purchase Cypher2 at a discounted price of $79 from FXpansion until 7 September 2018, or for $99 thereafter.