Openet and CloudSense announce digital edge to monetise the customer experience as 5G arrives

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Openet announced it has partnered with CloudSense to provide Digital Edge, a Digital Services Monetisation Solution.Designed for digital and 5G services, Digital Edge is a pre-integrated solution stack built on Openet’s real-time charging and policy systems, CloudSense’s smart sales and delivery platform and Salesforce.

Digital Edge is designed to enable service providers to manage and monetise new commercial offerings as digital services become mainstream and 5G is introduced. The solution will cover consumer and enterprise mobile services, as well as enabling new offers such as cloud based IoT.

Mustafa Oyumi, CloudSense’s vice president of Industry Solutions, comments, “This partnership offers a new way for service providers to develop, launch and monetise digital and 5G services. Many of the legacy stacks that telcos use were designed to bill for voice calls and their main objective was to manage a traditional network. Now service providers want to extend policy and charging beyond the network and monetise the customer experience.”

Niall Norton, CEO,Openet adds, “Increasingly service providers are becoming ‘digital first’ companies. This strategy is also driving their IT operations and we’re seeing more requests for digital platforms that will enable operators to quickly roll out and support digital and 5G services. As well as the obvious cost savings over the legacy vendors, one of the big demands from service providers is fast time to market. We’ve seen improvements in time to market of 70% over legacy BSS kit. Delivering these benefits from a cloud-based solution is giving a real choice to service providers on how they manage and monetise their digital and 5G services.” “This requires context aware service delivery and offers, flexible offer management – covering OTT and IoT service – and using real-time data and AI to offer proactive customer care. At CloudSense we’ve seen our telecoms customers cut lead-to-order times by over 75%, the ability to quickly on-board new customers and upsell existing customers with new bundles is key to achieving these kind of results.”