Nutrition app, Lifesum, and GE partner to help employees achieve better nutrition and improve resilience

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The nutrition app, Lifesum, and GE have announced a continuation of their wellness program partnership that helps employees improve nutrition, and as a result reduce stress and increase resilience. This GE well-being initiative joins other company offerings to a selection of leading wellness apps and tools.

Under the partnership, Lifesum will continue to provide GE employees access to their premium services, nutritional advice, articles, videos, and recipes to help them eat healthier and find balance. Employees will also be able to keep track of what they eat and drink, their calories, and their exercise routines on the mobile app, Lifesum.

The co-founder of Lifesum, Marcus Gners, says this wellness program is especially beneficial during COVID-19 as employees prepare more meals at home and are under additional stress from the pandemic.

“Healthy living and lower stress begins with nutrition,” said Gners. “Many consumers try to get healthier by only exercise or dieting, but creating better nutritional habits is the best and most sustainable path to staying healthy. Lifesum makes it easier for consumers to find that well-balanced diet and maintain it over time.”

History of Lifesum’s support of HealthAhead, GE’s global well-being program

This month, Lifesum is participating in GE’s virtual Nurture Yourself campaign. As part of this initiative, employees are encouraged to create more balance in their lives by focusing on their Mind, Body, Kindness, Connection, and Resilience.

Earlier this year in May, Lifesum participated in GE’s annual global wellbeing initiative, HealthAhead Day. Under the program, GE employees resolved to doing something to better their health and wellbeing in “Healthy Action Areas:” These include commitments to Eat Well, Get Active, Be Mindful, Sleep Soundly, Be Social, Give Back, and Stress Less.

Lifesum provides educational resources, videos, and recipes to help participants understand how nutrition can play a key role in all of these areas. It coincides with other wellness programs Lifesum has supported at GE, such as the “Act Green” campaign, which promoted healthy habits by going greener, eating more plant-based and wasting less food. During this campaign, GE noted increased engagement and inter-employee dialogue on topics such as eating a more plant-based diet and how to reduce one’s carbon footprint.

A study in the American Journal of Health Promotion found that roughly 50 percent of companies offer some type of wellness program, yet few employee benefits are designed to assist with better nutrition.

“This partnership with Lifesum is another valuable resource that will give our employees the tools they need to stay healthier,” said Adam Malinoski, Global Well-Being Leader at GE. “At GE, we are dedicated to the health and wellbeing of our employees and we are investing in helping them improve their quality of life.”

Wellness Programs Boost Productivity

Researchers with the University of California Riverside, found that employees who participate in a wellness program improved productivity by a full workday over the course of a month. Another study in the Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine found employees who participate in wellness programs save companies an average of $353 in recouped productivity per person annually.

Marcus Gners said Lifesum is looking to bring their nutritional wellness program to all companies – small and large, which he says will help with recruitment and lead to healthier employees.

“Our nutritional wellness program can help employees from all industries better manage stress and maintain a healthier lifestyle,” said Gners.

Roughly 45 million consumers log what they eat and drink, when they exercise, their weight and other lifestyle habits on Lifesum. Lifesum ranks in the Top-10 in the Health & Fitness section in the App Store and is the Editors’ Choice on Google Play.