HungryPanda Announces New Brand Identity to Reflect Customer Centric Values

HungryPanda, the world’s leading overseas Asian food delivery platform has today announced a new brand campaign which includes a new identity that reflects the company’s transformation into a one-stop lifestyle service with convenient, high-quality integrated services for overseas Asian communities. The new branding is now live and present on HungryPanda’s packaging, marketing assets, website and mobile app across the U.K., FranceItaly, the U.S., CanadaAustraliaNew ZealandJapanSouth Korea and Singapore.

HungryPanda’s new brand campaign incorporates a variety of visual upgrades to its related brand elements including a revamped logo, IP and color scheme.

“We chose to change our primary brand colors from blue and white to yellow and black for several reasons,” said Kelu Liu, Founder and CEO of HungryPanda. “Because we are a delivery platform that relies on riders to fulfill and deliver orders in a timely manner, the safety of our riders is of paramount importance.”

HungryPanda consulted many experts and conducted a detailed study on the most visible safety colors for transportation; the results revealed yellow as the most prominent color, especially at night.

“The color yellow also represents warmth and optimism which reflects the kind of service we are committed to delivering to our customers,” added Liu.

The concept of bamboo is another element of HungryPanda’s new brand design that holds a deeper meaning. “Bamboo has always played a unique and important role in the history of Asian people and has deeply influenced the harmony between nature and people,” said Kitty Lu, Director of Public Affairs at HungryPanda. “Our platform was named after China’s treasured giant pandas so it’s quite fitting to include their favorite food as part of our brand,” added Lu.

Bamboo also symbolizes growth, stability and sustainability which connects with HungryPanda’s commitment to environmental protection using environmentally friendly packaging and the launch of various green incentive programs.

The new branding is rooted in HungryPanda’s constant innovation of new methods to further enhance the cohesiveness and national belonging of its overseas Asian communities.