German insurer Swiss Life Select gamifies sales operations using GamEffective

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Swiss Life Select implemented technology by Israeli Workload Gamification Startup GamEffective, CEO says

German Insurer Swiss Life Select Deutschland GmbH has implemented technology by Israeli workload gamification startup GamEffective into its sales operation, GamEffective CEO Gal Rimon told Calcalist Tuesday. According to Rimon, as of this week, Swiss Life Select‚Äôs entire sales operation is handled through the GamEffective’s workload tracking and productivity software, which Rimon likens to a “Fitbit for work.” Rimon did not disclose the financial terms of the transaction, instead saying the deal is valued at ‚Äúhundreds of thousands of dollars.”

GamEffective develops software that uses gamification and behavioral economic insights to streamline workloads and incentivize productivity. Founded in 2013, the company employs 60 people in Israel and New York. GamEffective lists Microsoft, IBM, Comcast, and Verizon among its clients.