eGym announces new branded member app and free usage until end of June for health and fitness facilities

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eGym , a global fitness technology leader providing fitness and health facilities with intelligent hard- and software solutions, announced its new Branded Member App (formerly known as Netpulse) along with a free usage of the integrated platform for gyms worldwide through June 2020. This is the first major initiative for eGym Digital, a newly formed business unit and the final step in a global product convergence across eGym and Netpulse. The Branded Member App is built to offer a branded experience for gym members to utilize as they progress on their unique, individual health journey; creating a truly personalized fitness companion for users.

During these unprecedented times, health and fitness facilities worldwide are striving to find the most thoughtful and impactful ways to serve their members outside the gym. The physical and mental well-being of our customers, partners and their members remains eGym top priority. The free trial until the end of June is intended to empower and encourage gym owners and operators to remain connected with members outside of the facility.

“With closures, cautious members and a general sense of uncertainty, the fitness industry‚Äîalong with the rest of the world‚Äîis facing uncharted territory. We are resilient, and it is important we band together to continue to support our customers and their members,” said¬†Alex Peacock, General Manager, eGym Digital Solutions. “By offering this trial of the Branded Member App, we hope they find value in the opportunity to stay connected with members and support them on their evolving fitness journey at this time. We know and understand that going to the gym is more than a physical transaction ‚Äì it is a personal interaction.”

The Branded Member App pairs the eGym Fitness App features with powerful branding, marketing and productivity tools of the past Netpulse app to arm gym owners with the right digital tools. This enables gym operators to maintain a strong relationship with their members during this time of social distance by helping them stay on track to meet their fitness goals even when the gym is closed. Top features of the eGym Branded Member App include:


  • Push Notifications‚Äîallows gyms to stay on members’ radars through reminders, motivating messages and challenge invitations to promote engagement while keeping the community active and connected
  • Virtual Workouts‚Äîprovides members hands-on guidance and motivation to keep them moving. Plus, it grants members access to a comprehensive exercise library and allows operators/trainers to share carefully crafted at-home-workouts via the app
  • Visual Progress‚Äîseeing progress is a powerful motivator. The app offers features that aim to make progress visual and reward physical activity before it can be seen. Members track their individual workouts through wearables‚Äîi.e. Apple Watch Fitbit, etc.‚Äîthen translates the data into activity level and body insights
  • Community Connection‚Äîkeeping members connected makes the whole community stronger. Gym operators can create workout challenges instill a sense of competition amongst members while being able to offer rankings and allowing members to praise each other in a dedicated gym feed
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