Currency Cloud, GoCardless, Kreditech, Smava, and Zooz listed in the CB Insights Fintech Top 250

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The Fintech 250 is a list created by CB Insights recognising the 250 top private companies changing the face of financial services around the world. From insurance to blockchain to lending and wealth management to regtech, and more; the list is comprised of companies in sectors across the fintech spectrum and across markets.

How The Fintech 250 Companies Were Selected

It is a purely data-driven/algorithmic process that uses CB Insights data. Factors considered in their algorithim include:

Momentum – Considers non-traditional signals including news mentions, sentiment, jobs data/hiring, social media, web traffic and usage, partnerships and more.

Market – Quantifies the health of the sector and industry the company is involved in, including funding, deals, exit activity, and hiring.

Money – Assesses financial signals including funding recency and total raised.

Investor quality – Weighs the quality of the investors participating in deals to the company, judging investors based on exits, returns, and portfolio quality.

Among those selected include Currency Cloud, GoCardless, Kreditech, Smava, and Zooz.

Find the full list here: https://www.cbinsights.com/reports/Fintech-250.pdf