Crocus Technology unveils high linearity, high resolution, integrated XtremeSense‚Ñ¢ TMR current sensor

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Crocus Technology Inc., the leading supplier of disruptive Tunnel Magneto-Resistance XtremeSense™ TMR sensors, today announces the CT110, a high resolution, isolated, contact current sensor based on Crocus’ patented and unique TMR technology. The CT110 provides highly accurate current measurements over a wide operating temperature range in a miniature form-factor. The CT110 offers design simplicity, reduced circuit complexity, and inherent isolation.

The CT110 is a coreless device which utilizes Crocus’s state-of-the-art XtremeSense TMR 1D technology to accurately detect the smallest variation in AC or DC current while achieving a class-leading less than 0.5% typical total output error. Crocus offers the CT110 in configurations which support 5 A to 15 A with the ability to detect less than 5 mA variations in current due to its low-noise and high sensitivity capabilities compared to traditional Hall sensor technologies, which require flux guiding, significant signal amplification, and temperature compensation. The CT110 is a ratio-metric device with an analog output capable of operating from 2.7 V to 5.5 V at 200 kHz sampling frequency and low power consumption.

“The CT110 demonstrates the advancement Crocus has achieved in TMR magnetic sensing technology. The CT110 offers a robust sensing resolution, stable performance over temperature combined with design simplicity. Crocus’s XtremeSense TMR 1D technology offers an extremely low noise, high sensitivity, high linearity, low temperature drift, and virtually no hysteresis which renders existing sensing technologies obsolete. The CT110 is one of a family of devices Crocus will introduce this year which target power monitoring applications. The CT110 is a perfect current sensor for consumer, enterprise, and industrial applications. Due to its small form-factor and high resolution, the CT110 is suitable for applications such as smart plugs and IoT devices, appliances, drones, LED lighting, battery chargers, power tools, and PCs and servers,” states Zack Deiri, President and CEO of Crocus Technology. “The CT110 is ideal for any application which requires current monitoring including those currently utilizing shunt resistors combined with an isolation amplifier. To simplify and expedite customer’s system evaluation, Crocus offers evaluation boards with multiple current sensing configurations.”

The CT110 is available in a low profile and small form factor 6-lead DFN package with dimensions of 3.00 x 3.00 x 0.95 mm. Samples and evaluation boards are currently available, and the device will be in production in September 2020.