Cellnovo and ForaCare to connect ForaCare’s glucose monitoring device to the Cellnovo Gen 3 system

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Cellnovo Group, a medical technology company marketing the first connected diabetes management platform based on a locked-down AndroidTM¬†smartphone communicating via Bluetooth¬†Low Energy with a small, discreet micro-pump, today announces an agreement with ForaCare to enable the automatic transfer of data from ForaCare’s FORA Diamond Mini blood glucose monitoring device to the Cellnovo Gen 3 System.

FORA Diamond Mini has an easy-to-carry lightweight, pocketsize design with a sleek modern appearance. It is a highly accurate and precise glucose monitoring devices that has a built-in Bluetooth Low Energy chip and a convenient rechargeable battery.

Sophie Baratte, Chief Executive Officer of Cellnovo, commented:¬†”This agreement further demonstrates our ability to leverage the interoperability of the Cellnovo System. We are delighted to be able to offer patients more choice with the possibility of connecting an additional blood glucose monitoring device to their Cellnovo Gen 3 Systems.

Ty-Minh Tan, Chief Executive Officer of ForaCare Suisse AG, commented:¬†“ForaCare is pleased to provide a superior tool that integrates well with the Cellnovo GEN 3 to provide an advanced and complete technology solution for diabetes patients.”

About Cellnovo (Euronext: CLNV)

Cellnovo Group is global innovative medical technology company supporting the needs and desires of people with type 1 diabetes. Cellnovo has developed and markets a novel diabetes management system, which is a connected platform that aims to make life easier for people with type 1 diabetes. Cellnovo’s insulin delivery system comprises a locked-down Android¬†TM¬†smartphone that communicates via Bluetooth¬†with a discreet, wearable micro-pump. This unique system allows optimal management of insulin dosing and delivery while ensuring freedom of movement and peace of mind. Thanks to the transmission of data in real time, the patient’s status can be seamlessly monitored by family members and healthcare professionals. Cellnovo is currently participating in several major Artificial Pancreas projects with TypeZero, PEPPER and Diabeloop, to develop fully automated, closed-loop insulin delivery systems.