Cellnovo announces the launch of the Gen 3 System, its next generation mobile diabetes management system

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Cellnovo Group, a medical technology company marketing the first mobile, connected, all-in-one diabetes management system, today announces the launch of its Gen 3 System, which includes a locked-down consumer-grade Android™ phone linked via Bluetooth® Low Energy to its micro-pump for insulin delivery.

This product launch is a key factor in supporting the Company’s commercial lift off worldwide. It complements a series of recent developments, including the start of large-scale manufacturing of its insulin cartridges and the integration of best-in-class industry standards for communication and operating systems (Bluetooth® and Android™) into its handset and pump.

The outsourcing and the replacement of its handset controller is the latest step in the Company’s manufacturing strategy that aims to increase the efficiency and capacity of its production in order to support strong market demand.

The Gen 3 System’s off-the-shelf Android™ phone offers a significant improvement in form factor and user experience with a lighter, slimmer, more modern version of its current handset controller. It provides the quality and responsiveness that is to be expected from consumer-grade smartphones, while preserving the high-level of security of a medical-grade device. Moreover, a new user-interface brings a fresh, contemporary design to the System. Its battery life has been extended beyond 48 hours on a single charge.

The Gen 3 System’s handset communicates wirelessly with the micro-pump using Bluetooth®. This technology was introduced in the previous version of the Cellnovo System and lays the groundwork for future integrations with other wearables and devices such as blood glucose meters (BGMs) and continuous glucose monitors (CGMs).

Sophie Baratte, Chief Executive Officer of Cellnovo, commented: “We are delighted to announce the launch of the Gen 3 Cellnovo Diabetes Management System, which marks a pivotal moment in our commercial strategy. The first patients on the new system have reported a noticeable improvement in user experience and we are confident that this will be an important contributing factor to its uptake. We are now completely focused on activating our commercial network to make the Gen 3 System available.”

Cellnovo has initiated a roll-out following the CE mark approval of the Gen 3 System and is mobilising its direct sales force and distribution partners in countries where it has established a presence: The United Kingdom, France, Italy, Spain, The Netherlands, Greece, Cyprus, Israel, Australia and New Zealand. The product will be showcased during the annual meeting of the European Association for Study of Diabetes (EASD), the largest scientific meeting in Europe for diabetes professionals and key opinion leaders.