BUX integrates with Tikkie payments

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Today, BUX and Tikkie announced that they will be partnering together on a new integration in BUX Zero, BUX’s latest app that allows users to invest in stocks commission-free.

This partnership is a powerful example of the future of fintech partnerships and how fintech continues to offer consumers new ways to simplify their lives. BUX is the first brokerage to offer Tikkie as a payment method, and this will be the first fintech integration for Tikkie since launching in 2016.

The integration of Tikkie as a payment method will now allow Dutch users of BUX Zero to fund their accounts in a matter of seconds. This partnership aims to offer a more seamless way for Dutch users to get started on building an investment portfolio, no matter their investing experience.

Typically, when a customer opens an account with a traditional broker, depositing money from a bank account to a brokerage account can take anywhere from a few hours to a few business days. The integration of Tikkie leverages the two key things that Dutch customers love about the app: easy, quick and safe payments in seconds.

“Investing in the stock market should be simple and fast, and with BUX Zero we’re providing a platform for first-time and veteran investors alike that can get you investing in a matter of minutes, said Nick Bortot, CEO & Founder, BUX. “By partnering we are combining the best of what Tikkie and BUX have to offer Рa fast and familiar payment method with a seamless investing experience.”

This will be one of several B2B integrations that Tikkie has recently worked on. Of those, the partnership with BUX will be the first fintech integration for Tikkie. Additionally, BUX will be the first broker to offer Tikkie as a payment method.

“We are very proud to be collaborating with BUX on this integration. This cooperation demonstrates how the ease of experience that more than 6 million Tikkie users are used to is able to enhance the user experience on platforms such as BUX Zero,” says Moreno Kensmil, Head of Marketing at Tikkie. “We are looking forward to offering our API integrations on many more platforms in the future. Currently, a large proportion of our 10,000 business customers are already using the API. We hope to continue to grow in this area in the coming period with the release of our updated API.”

This integration will be available to all BUX Zero users beginning today. For additional information, please visit our partnership website.