BT Local Business and Artesian partnership delivers £6.4m in new revenue in just 12 months

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Leading AI-powered business intelligence service, Artesian Solutions is delighted to announce that its partnership with BT Local Business, has delivered a 26x return on investment in just 12 months – with £6.4 million in new revenue achieved in just 12 months, directly attributable to the insights delivered by the Artesian platform.

BT invested in Artesian in 2017 in order to accelerate its digital strategy and commitment to helping Local Businesses realise greater potential from their customer base, and have more meaningful, value-driven conversations.


Implementing a co-funded license model whereby BT contribute 50% of every Artesian license fee, BT integrated Artesian with its existing Salesforce CRM solution giving local businesses the ability to augment opportunities with real-time news, social media and people insights. Local Businesses for the first time gain an in-depth understanding of their pipeline, allowing them to act quickly on opportunities, anticipate needs, and engage proactively in more sophisticated ways based on a real understanding of trends, sentiments and needs. In addition, they had the opportunity to improve productivity by replacing manual research with automated insight, data gathering and filtering.

Speaking about the transformative partnership Paul Evans, Regional Director at BT Plc commented:
“We are committed to support Local Businesses by giving them the tools they need to succeed. Artesian has not only helped us demonstrate that commitment, but has helped Local Businesses realise their potential, and most importantly, grow their customer base”.

“Artesian has delivered a huge return on investment. Local Businesses have already generated 1,315 new opportunities with a sales order value of £10.2 million directly attributable to the insights delivered by Artesian. In the last financial year, they collectively closed 793 of these opportunities resulting in £6.4million of new revenue. What’s more thanks to Artesian they have access to a constantly healthy pipeline of opportunities, and greater confidence to go out there and grab them.”

Artesian CEO Andrew Yates said:
“It’s an absolute pleasure to work with BT Local Business. They are a shining example of an organisation harnessing technology to empower entrepreneurship. They realised that it was not enough to just give Local Businesses access to data, but instead augmented this data with real-time insights that would help them achieve a 360° of customers and what’s happening in their world. They are reaping the benefits in terms of their ability to uncover and realise new opportunities, and marshal the right facts at the right time to have better conversations and boost the potential of their existing customer base.”