Aircall launches new partner program to further scale its leading voice ecosystem

By 16/03/2021June 4th, 2021No Comments

Aircall, a cloud-based voice platform helping companies across the globe manage millions of customer support and sales calls every day, today introduced its new app partner program. As a part of the company’s broader mission to innovate for the future of sales, support, and customer experience, Aircall’s new program will allow partners to build, launch, and grow their apps in the largest ecosystem for voice.

The shift to remote work of the past year has made the power of human connection that much more essential to translate beyond solely in-person interaction. Brands are coming to realize the value of connecting voice across their workflows and processes, to better serve their customers. The need for key business tools to integrate and work together is evidenced by the dramatic growth of Aircall’s App Marketplace, which added 45 new partners in 2020 alone. Aircall’s new program will extend the company’s developer site, which launched in June 2020, and App Marketplace to offer deeper support to both existing and new partners and developers from development to scalability and long term success.

“As a result of the ongoing adjustment to remote work over the past year, we’ve seen more growth within our ecosystem than ever before,” says Raphael Assaraf, Manager of App Ecosystems at Aircall. “Above all else, we want to make sure that our partners feel supported during a chaotic time for many businesses who are trying to plan for the future and set their teams up for success. By joining forces with our partners, we’re excited to grow alongside each other and offer integrations with our voice platform that expand the ways in which we communicate.”

In addition to combining the tactical forces of the developer site and Aircall’s open API with the scalable App Marketplace to live under one umbrella partner program, partners will also have access to the dedicated Aircall team that will offer a knowledgeable sounding board and continued assistance for the entire journey — from the first access request, to integration launch, to happy new customers.

“After being an Aircall customer for years, it’s great to now be their integration partner and a member of the partner program,” said Lílian Ertel, Head of Partnerships at Klaus, a customer service quality assurance platform and Aircall partner. “We wanted Klaus to be easily available for the new-generation of Aircall customers and we’ve felt the impact of our partnership immensely, from being featured in the App Marketplace, to having monthly brainstorming calls, partner stories, and enablement sessions — Aircall always made the process simple and fun.”