After the Netherlands, BUX to expand into Germany and Austria in early 2020

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Amsterdam-based mobile trading app startup BUX hosted the BUX Zero Launch Party at Tolhuistuin in the city recently. At the launch party, it made interesting announcements. Being the first European broker to have built a full-fledged broker from scratch in 10 years, the company expects to add more clients to its portfolio by the end of this year.

Germany and Austria launch in 2020

After launching its commission-free service BUX Zero in the Netherlands, the startup is all set to launch it in Germany and Austria in early 2020. It is also planning to introduce American stocks that will be available for both German and Dutch users. Apart from these two countries, a broader rollout is expected to begin in 2020.The expansion into new markets is one of the major pillars on the BUX Zero roadmap for the next year. This will let it integrate BUX X’s unique online community into the commission-free trading app. The community has flourished in BUX X and the company wants to duplicate the environment in BUX Zero. This way, it can create a more engaging environment for investors, who are new to the markets.Besides this, BUX will also introduce ETFs and curated lists to users in these new markets to take their overall investing experience within the app to the next level.

Exists in many countries!

Founded in 2014 by Nick Bortot in Amsterdam, BUX aims to make it easy and affordable for users to do more with their hard-earned money. The company has made investing accessible to over two million users across nine countries in Europe.Initially, it introduced BUX X, its short-term trading app powered by a vibrant-in-app community. Then, it came up with BUX Zero, its commission-free trading app, which lets users invest in various brads and companies via the easy-to-use app.“Our original mission when we founded BUX was to make the world of finance accessible to more people. With the changing landscape in Europe, we’re building on this mission and want to give young Europeans more ways to make their money work for them,” said Founder and CEO, Nick Bortot. “BUX Zero is the next iteration of this journey. We’re anticipating a massive shift in how Europeans will plan for their financial futures, and we want to lead the change in Europe by making it easier to invest in the brands people care about, all with the option of zero-commission investing in a smooth and seamless app.”