Mister Spex offers first online eye test

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Online optician Mister Spex now offers an online eye test, since the coronavirus has made it impossible in many European countries to visit an optician. It says it’s the first optician to offer customers in Germany, Austria and Switzerland the possibility of an individual eye test via an online application.

The new service, which is actually in the test phase but is put online in Germany, Austria and Switzerland because of the coronavirus, makes it possible for customers to check their eyesight from home, ​​free of charge.

Developed by Easee and clinically tested

The online eye test is offered by Mister Spex, but developed by the Dutch software company Easee and extensively and clinically tested at the academic medical center UMC in Utrecht. “Now with the corona virus, online opticians are currently playing an important in local care. We have therefore decided to provide our customers with an online test right now”, managing director Mirko Caspar explains the move. “We are continuously checking how customers experience the offer. We want to help now, after the majority of stationary offers have disappeared.

Yves Prevoo, CEO of Easee adds: “These are extraordinary times and we are proud that our software can add value. We have spent many years researching and testing. Now we are able to do our part in medical care. ”


Ecommerce News Europe tested it out

The Ecommerce News Europe team decided to try out the eye test themselves and was pleasantly surprised with how easy it was. A computer assistant on the website explains how everything works and needs to be set up. For example, the computer needs to be placed exactly 3 meters from the tester, and a debit or credit card is required to set up the exact dimensions. The online application explains perfectly how this can be achieved. A smartphone can then be used as a remote control.

The test itself takes somewhere between 15 an 30 minutes and afterwards, the results get validated by trained optometrists and sent to the customer per email. The online eye test can currently take measurements from customers between the ages of 18 and 40 with the following common refractive errors: myopia (up to -3.00 D) and astigmatism / astigmatism (cylinder up to -2.5 D).