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Kreos 20th Anniversary Edition Newsletter

By 12/02/2019October 11th, 2021No Comments

In sync with the celebration of Kreos’s 20-year anniversary, we are launching our latest and to date largest growth debt fund, the €700m Kreos Capital VI, reinforcing our commitment to the European and Israeli growth ecosystem.

With the launch of Kreos VI, Kreos has reached a new milestone of having raised a total of $2bn of fund capital. Kreos V was launched three years ago and has since then committed €740m to 100 growth companies. Kreos VI has started to deploy capital in January 2019 and we expect to invest approximately €250-300m per annum over the coming years in some 100 companies. This will be in addition to our historical invested capital of €2.3bn that we have so far committed in 540 growth debt transactions in Europe and Israel over the last 20 years.