News March 22 2017

Reduxio Raises $22.5m

Hybrid storage company Reduxio Systems has raised $22.5 million in funding. C5 Capital led the round with participation from other investors that included Jerusalem Venture Partners, Carmel Ventures, Intel Capital and Seagate Technology. Reduxio Systems, the innovation leader in storage and data management solutions for the enterprise with to-the-second BackDating™ recovery capability, announced it has secured $22.5 million USD of its Series C funding in a round anticipated to total up to $32 million USD. The round was led by London-based C5 Capital (“C5”), a specialist investment manager focused on cyber security, data analytics and cloud computing. This round more than doubles the amount of capital invested in the company, and will fund continued innovation and global marketing of the company’s leading software-defined storage platform. All previous investors, including Jerusalem Venture Partners, Carmel Ventures, Intel Capital and Seagate Technology also participated in this fundraising round for Reduxio, signaling their confidence and continued support for the company’s strategy to build the leading software platform both in the cloud and on premise. C5’s investment will complement the existing investor group with a specialist focus on cloud infrastructure and cyber security, as well as a strong network that will enhance Reduxio’s growing ecosystem of channel sales and technology partners. Mark Weiner, co-founder and CEO of Reduxio said, “The future of data storage and protection lies in delivering high performance, easy-to-use solutions designed for the rapidly coming era of hybrid IT – this is precisely why we started the company. Reduxio’s next generation architecture was purpose-built to address this challenge. Our vision and focus align perfectly with C5’s vision, and we welcome their unique expertise to the Reduxio team. This latest round of funding will allow us to continue our exponential growth to meet the needs of our rapidly growing customer base.” Marcos Battisti, Partner at C5 Capital and new board member of Reduxio said, “Now and again, investors encounter a top team in a new company with the potential to seriously disrupt a market. Reduxio is clearly one of those companies. Reduxio’s technology is reshaping the storage space as we know it. Its software-defined storage technology is built on top of truly unique and ground-breaking IP that provides tangible benefits to on premise, hybrid, and cloud-based customers. Its solution is also being widely seen as one of the key tools to fight the growing threat of ransomware attacks. My partners and I are very proud to be invested in a company as unique as Reduxio.”   About Reduxio: Reduxio delivers high performance enterprise storage solutions with unique data management capabilities enabled by the Reduxio TimeOS™, a new storage operating system. Reduxio TimeOS™ puts data at the middle of its architecture and allows complete virtualization of all types of storage, delivering the most effective storage for the most demanding enterprise applications. Reduxio is backed by C5 Capital Cloud Partners, Jerusalem Venture Partners (JVP), Carmel Ventures, Intel (NASDAQ: INTC), and Seagate Technology PLC (NASDAQ: STX). Learn more at and follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn.

News February 22 2017

ROLI’s Seaboard Grand became the musical instrument star of La La Land

To say La La Land has taken the globe by storm would be an understatement. Not only has it proved that musicals are still big business, but it has brought the world of jazz to a brand new audience. The movie, which stars Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling, has already received five BAFTAs, seven Golden Globes and is up for 14 Oscars. To put that in perspective, that number of Oscar nominations ties the record with the likes of 1997’s Titanic and 1950’s All About Eve. In the film, Gosling plays a jazz pianist who dreams of opening his own club, and has received a lot of praise for his impressive piano skills. Article continues below The scene where Gosling’s character, Sebastian, performs on stage with John Legend has caught the eye of many musical fans – in particular, the part where he plays a futuristic looking keyboard. With lots of people wondering “what is that thing and where can I get one?”, we spoke to its makers, ROLI, to find out how the keyboard made its way into what’s likely to be the biggest film of the decade. What you saw in the film was the Seaboard Grand, a musical instrument developed by London-based music technology company ROLI. It “reimagines the piano keyboard as a soft, continuous surface and allows musicians to freely express sound using their fingertips”. Marius de Vries, who served as the executive music producer for the film, chose the Seaboard Grand for this scene, praising it as “the pinnacle of cutting edge music technology” ROLI reveals that even Ryan Gosling became a “firm Seaboard aficionado” after his experience in filming with the product. The Seaboard was requested by de Vries over a year before the film screened. He has longstanding ties with ROLI and was very familiar with the Seaboard Grand and Seaboard Rise. He thought that the Seaboard Grand would be a great representation of a futuristic musical instrument that a classic jazz pianist – Ryan Gosling's Sebastian – would play. “The Seaboard Grand has a pretty diverse fan base, but it's especially popular with jazz keyboardists who love being able to play piano, bass, and sax sounds on one surface,” said the firm. So, did the instrument makers have any idea how big La La Land would be and how much attention its futuristic keyboard would get? MI Pro asked Will McNamara, head of communications at ROLI: “The whole ROLI team has been delighted to see the critical and box office success of La La Land, which we didn't anticipate when we first collaborated on the film. The Seaboard Grand is almost a character in the film! It's a marvellous way for hundreds of thousands of people to see and hear Seaboard technology for the first time. “We were especially impressed to see Ryan Gosling play with such panache. We hope his playing is an inspiration to any real-life jazz musician who wants a next-generation keyboard instrument.”

News January 31 2017

Artesian Solutions Makes Top 3 in Global Sales Intelligence Software for Enterprise

G2 Crowd ranking places Artesian above InsideView, Avention OneSource and RainKing   In addition to receiving the Top 3 spot overall, ahead of InsideView, Avention OneSource and RainKing, Artesian also achieved the highest scores from the top three companies in the business practices and vision, and ease of use categories. Each vendor is ranked across several unique satisfaction categories, based on user reviews of over 157 products. 96% of users said that they would be likely to recommend Artesian. In addition, 96% said that Artesian offered the highest business practice standards and vision for future development, whilst 93% praised its ease of use. This news follows hot on the heels of Artesian’s first time High Performer ranking in G2 Crowd’s Summer 2016 Sales Intelligence Grid℠, demonstrating a rapid escalation of its growing disruptive presence in the market, and ever-improving NPS and customer satisfaction scores. G2Crowd’s top 10 ranking represents the democratic voice of real software users. The rankings and individual satisfaction scores provide valuable benchmarks for CIO’s, sales and marketing leaders, and technology buyers to quickly compare and select the best intelligence products for their business. “Achieving this top 3 ranking is a fantastic result, validating the strength of our innovative proposition, as well as demonstrating that we are both living up to promises, and heading in the right direction in terms of future vision and development”, said Andrew Yates, CEO of Artesian. “We strive to differentiate from other vendors in our space, by being the only software solution that covers all 5 stages of sales intelligence – data, tailorable insights and triggers, sales workflow, measurement and encouragement of positive behaviour, and mobile delivery. More than a tool, Artesian is a truly transformation technology that is changing behaviours, and helping businesses become more customer-centric. We have some very exciting things planned over the next 12 months, building on what we have achieved to elevate Artesian functionality for next-generation sales and marketing acceleration and customer engagement – watch this space.”     Artesian gathers and tracks intelligence on customers, prospects and competitors from millions of online resources including blogs, news sites, editorials and social platforms such as Twitter and LinkedIn and uses clever science to filter and transform acquired information into commercially valuable insights based on the companies and industries that are important to users. Artesian gives users the ability to, target, connect and share with customers and prospects. At present, Artesian delivers on average 12.5 million actionable insights per month on almost 700,000 companies to its 25,000 users. Artesian is headquartered in the U.K, with offices in London, Winnersh, Berkshire and Boston USA.

News January 27 2017

Offerta Gets a New Majority Owner

Alfvén & Didrikson, alongside founders and management, acquires and invests in further growth and increased product development. “We have come a long way, but still there is so much more to do in this market space. Above all, the digitalization of how we as consumers on a broad scale procure services online, in truly easy and reliable ways, are yet to fully blossom. The market is huge and we are well positioned at the center of it.”, says Jens Nilsson, founder and CEO of Offerta. funnels more than 70,000 customer requests annually to associated and vetted Swedish service providers and over 1 million tenders has so far passed through the platform. This makes Offerta the leading marketplace in Sweden for easy and reliable hiring of service professionals. The company demonstrates strong growth over the recent years. With increased sales by over 600 percent in the past five years, and 30 percent growth during 2016. Totaling into sales of 71 MSEK and an operating profit of 8 MSEK in the FY2016. “This past year has been very good for us with a continued strong growth and an increased number of new consumers and customers coming to us. And as planned we now break through to profitability without breaking to achieve it. Instead, we now grow in harmony with continuously increased market investments and increased recruitment of talent to our team. And on top of that it feels truly joyful and inspiring to start 2017 together with such a growth-oriented and committed investor as Alfvén & Didrikson. We will now further intensify the expansion of the marketplace in order to offer even more and better services, thus offering an unmatched customer access and growth potential to all our associated service providers.”  says Jens Nilsson. Alfvén & Didrikson’s investment values at somewhat above 100 MSEK. Besides Alfvén & Didrikson, founders Jens Nilsson and Shahrooz Latifzadeh and the entire management team reinvests significant amounts in the company and thereby take a joint approach to growth and value creation for the years to come. Offertas Board will initially consist of Alfvén & Didrikson’s CEO Maria Åhr, Måns Alfvén and Jens Nilsson. “We are investing in a company with a strong market position, an attractive business model in a market that will continue to grow further in the future. Together with Jens and his team, we see great potential in the further development of Offertas services in these future years. In addition to that we will continuously seek and evaluate interesting Swedish and international collaborations and potential additional acquisitions, "said Maria Åhr. Selling parties of Offerta are Kinnevik and the minority owners Jens Nilsson, Shahrooz Latifzadeh, Niels Bosma and Vivianne Holm.   About is the leading marketplace in Sweden for easy and reliable hiring of service professionals. The marketplace mediate instant contact between service companies and individuals and small firms who seek to procure services to their home, office or their tenant-owner's association. All the companies who join Offerta are controlled and approved for a corporate tax card, VAT and must also be free of debt at the collections office. Consumers can review and select service providers based on their certifications, references and reviews from previous consumers. conveys more than 70,000 enquires a year to a value of over 3 billion Swedish kronor.   About Alfvén & Didrikson Alfvén & Didrikson is an investment company who invests in growth companies. For more information about our investments visit  

News January 10 2017

MyTomorrows raises further €10m to help access drugs in development

MyTomorrows, the Netherlands-headquartered startup that has built a platform to help physicians and patients access drugs that are still in development, has raised €10 million in further funding. Leading the round is EQT Ventures, and Octopus Ventures, with participation from existing backers Balderton Capital, and Sofinnova Partners. The Dutch startup wants to disrupt the way patients with unmet medical needs access development-stage treatments — drugs that are still undergoing clinical trials and working their way through a lengthy regulatory approval process, or are already approved in one country but not another. Launched in 17 countries, the myTomorrows platform targets doctors and patients seeking information and access to nascent drugs while offering drug development companies a turn-key solution to run global early access programs. The idea is to make drugs still in development accessible to patients suffering from life threatening or debilitating diseases, and gather crucial data to bring those drugs fully to market much sooner than might otherwise happen. The myTomorrows database has indexed 315,000 clinical trials and early access programs, combining data from 17 global registries. Key to this is what the startup describes as a patient and physician friendly interface that aims to reduce information asymmetry. It also makes the data available via a public API. I’m told that a recent regulatory change in the U.S. (Clinical Trials Transparency Act) is placing pressure on drugs companies to expand access and therefore driving adoption of myTomorrows. It’s been suggested that the Trump administration may be more liberal in respect to access to development-stage drugs and physician/patient choice too, but we’ll have wait and see how that pans out. These things tend to be in the detail not the rhetoric. Meanwhile, with the new funding, myTomorrows says it will invest in technology and headcount in order to “unburden regulators, physicians and drug developers from the complex processes of providing access to investigational drugs for patients facing unmet medical needs”.

News December 21 2016

Huawei reportedly acquires Israeli startup Hexatier for $42m

In what would be its second Israeli acquisition in three weeks, Chinese phone manufacturer Huawei reportedly will acquire Israeli database security and compliance solutions startup Hexatier as the Chinese conglomerate highlights and expands its growing presence in Silicon Wadi. The deal is worth $42 million according to reports by Israeli financial daily Calcalist. Originally GreenSQL, the company rebranded itself earlier this year to Hexatier.Rumors of the deal first emerged last week with reports in Reuters and Israeli financial daily Globes. Hexatier focuses on database security, dynamic data masking, activity monitoring, and “discovery of sensitive data.” Additionally, their software lets system managers create rule dependent restrictions for access based on a number of factors like IP address, seniority, and geography (among other things).They have been selling themselves as the would-be leader in cloud database security, but they have also serviced on-premises networks. Hexatier’s database security services support Microsoft Windows SQL Azure, SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Amazon RDS and Maria DB.  The exit is small relative to what the company has raised, a total of $14.4 million between 2009 and 2014 with money from Magma Venture Partners, Rhodium, Texas Atlantic Capital, and Jerusalem Venture Partners (JVP). Their $7 million round in April 2014 also included investors Gandyr and 2Bangels. The talks to make the deal also follow Huawei CEO Ren Zhengfei’s visit to the country earlier this year. This month, they also acquired switch and router manufacturer Toga Networks in the Israeli city of Hod Hasharon. That deal was reportedly worth over $100 million and perhaps as much as $150 million, according to Calcalist and Zirra. Hexatier was founded in 2009 by CEO Amir Sadeh, Director of Sales Hadar Eshel, and CTO David Maman. They have 40 employees split between offices in Tel Aviv, Boston, and California.